Our service is not limited to the students only but also we provide various type of service for the universities that we are associated with. Our service for universities are as follows:

✓ Organize local & International Education Fair/Expo
✓ Spot assessment day
✓ University open admission day
✓ Campus visit
✓ School Visit (through the branding/regional office).
✓ Seminar/Workshop arrangement
✓ Promote newly introduced courses by our partners
✓ Study tour event
✓ All service is completely free for students and our partners

We do International Newspaper advertisement covering all regions that we worked for, Facebook
Advertisement for partner, Google Advertisement, Local TV advertisement, Flayer distribution Text
Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook Page about 85,000+ fan, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog, Skype.
To manage our student we have online system for partner institutes like – EMS data management
system(CRM), Centurus|One, student & partner Management System, Project Management System,
Express Email Marketing tool for the email campaign.

AHZ associate happy to provide relevant services to the partner universities if required. If you are interested to join us as one of our proud partner universities please write us to [email protected]

Book an appointment to disscuss your requirements